List of Git repositories hosted on


hii May 19, 2024
A file-based IRC client inspired by ii
creek Apr 27, 2024
A malleable and minimalist status bar for the River compositor
guix-channel Feb 16, 2024
A channel for the Guix package manager
mach Jan 7, 2024
A work-in-progress implementation of make(1)
edward Dec 9, 2023
An extensible POSIX-compatible implementation of the ed(1) text editor
mblaze-ui Dec 8, 2023
A minimal TUI for the mblaze email client
tmsim Dec 3, 2023
A fast turing machine simulator with graphviz export functionality
zig-riscv-embedded Nov 23, 2023
Experimental Zig-based CoAP node for the HiFive1 RISC-V board
depp Nov 16, 2023
No frills static page generator for Git repositories
input Jul 22, 2023
Prompt for input with readline-like key bindings
insomnia Jul 22, 2023
A frontend for the hii IRC client
edward-contrib Jul 12, 2023
Extra commands for the extensible edward text editor
qsym Jun 1, 2023
A symbolic executor for the QBE intermediate language
qbe-reader May 31, 2023
A parser for the QBE intermediate language in Rust
scmdoc Apr 9, 2023
Automatically generate documentation from comments in R7RS Scheme code
umount-test-opts Mar 7, 2023
Equivalence checking of BusyBox and util-linux umount(8) -O option handling
ncalendar Feb 16, 2023
Reimplementation of the BSD calendar(1) program in Rust
ifupdown-ng-waitif Jul 31, 2022
An ifupdown-ng executor which blocks until the interface is actually running
posix-regex May 15, 2022
CHICKEN Scheme wrapper for POSIX regular expression matching
saneterm Apr 5, 2022
Modern line-oriented terminal emulator without support for TUIs
zoap Mar 6, 2022
A WiP CoAP implementation for bare-metal constrained devices in Zig
archive-logs Nov 24, 2021
Iteratively archive newline separated log files
archive-mail Sep 19, 2021
Maintains maildir archives synced with current maildirs
git-shuffle Apr 15, 2021
Randomize Git commit timestamps to enhance privacy
tpm May 22, 2020
Tiny password manager
readit Mar 29, 2020
Tooling for managing structured reading notes for scientific publications