A work-in-progress implementation of make(1)

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2023-11-24 builtin: add single suffix rules mandated by POSIX Sören Tempel
2023-11-24 Add support for single suffix inference rules Sören Tempel
2023-11-24 share: Update variable assignments in Sören Tempel
2023-11-22 Move FileTarget definition from Exec.hs to Eval.hs Sören Tempel
2023-11-21 Eval: Simplify error handling in lookupRule Sören Tempel

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A WiP implementation of make(1), aims to be compatible with P1003.1™-202x/D3 at some point.


Proof of concept, currently largely untested, buggy, and incomplete.



This software is designed to work with GHC 9.4.7 without requiring any external dependency, i.e. only relying on the bundled library versions. If this GHC version is installed, mach can be installed by cloning the repository and running the following command from the repository root:

$ cabal install

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This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.