A parser for the QBE intermediate language in Rust

git clone https://git.8pit.net/qbe-reader.git


2023-05-31 Fix whitespace handling for phi labels Sören Tempel
2023-05-30 Add support for Phi instructions at the beginning of a block Sören Tempel
2023-05-30 Support signed-less-than comparison Sören Tempel
2023-05-26 Refactor type for allocation instructions Sören Tempel
2023-05-26 Add support for shift instructions Sören Tempel

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QBE IR Parser for Rust

qbe-reader is a Rust parser for v1.1 of the intermediate language of the QBE compiler backend. The parser is presently in very early stages of development. Most of the syntax is support but only a handful of instructions are properly parsed presently. For this reason, the API is not stable and still subject to change.

I am using this parser to develop a symbolic execution tool for QBE IL: https://github.com/nmeum/qsym


The library is presently not available on crates.io. However, for now it is possible to depend directly on the Git repository:

qbe_reader = { git = "https://github.com/nmeum/qbe-reader.git" }

Keep in mind though, that the API provided by qbe-reader is not yet stable though.

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